The success of a wedding lies in the details.

The success of a wedding lies in the details. Grooms spend days, weeks or months to define every detail. They have thought of everything from the color and texture of the invitations to the location of the ceremony and the subsequent celebration, from the presentation of the plates of the invitation to the assignment of the guests at the tables.

Every moment has been planned and examined hundreds of times to make the wedding a special and memorable event, thinking not only of the bride and groom, but also of family and friends who will be there to offer their support and affection.

Have you decided how you will transport yourself that very day? At Basque VIP Transfers we want to contribute with a unique wedding service. Our vehicles are elegant, with classic lines, spacious and comfortable. Our professional drivers will guarantee your comfort and safety during the ride.

We offer you calmness on a day in which the nerves are present. One of our vehicles with chauffeur will be waiting for you in your address to approach you to the place of the ceremony. From there we will transfer you to the restaurant or to the location of the photographic report. We will take care of the traffic and select the best route so you can focus on enjoying every second of the wedding: without rush and nerves.


For an even more special experience, we will decorate the vehicles with flowers according to your taste to maintain consistency with the rest of floral arrangements and with the message you want to convey. From small floral compositions in the handles to more elaborate centers in the back, we can take care of giving life to your desires.

The arrival of the couple and the moment they get off the vehicle is also the first impression that the guests will receive. It will be the start of a memorable day. An opportunity to make your union something memorable. Do not leave any details to chance. Take time to decide which vehicle to use at your wedding.

From Basque VIP Transfers we offer you different options

You can decide the number of vehicles you want to rent: for the groom or for the bride. How about choosing the bridal pack of two vehicles, black and white, one for each spouse?

You can also ask if you would like some of your most special guests to enjoy your bond without stress, riding in a vehicle with chauffeur. For them we have at your disposition our minivan. And for the other guests, there is the possibility of renting a bus service, so they don’t have to worry about the return home.

If you want to just enjoy on the day of your wedding, do not hesitate to contact us and let Basque VIP transfers take care of your own and of your guests transfers.

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